AI has become a very popular topic in recent years due to the many uses of ChatGPT with people of all ages, ranging from students to workers, and the expansion of Dall-E, which has started ruining people’s lives. In schools, chatgpt has been a very big problem as it encourages students to not complete any work and allows plagiarism. It is causing businesses to lay off their employees. While Dall-E is stealing artists’ style and how they draw and create their artwork and learning from it, allowing the AI to create identical artwork in their style, ruining many artists careers. With the rapid rate of AI’s popularity and learning, there is not much that can be done to counteract the use of ChatGPT or Dall-E.

In recent years, the integration of AI tools in education has caused many problems for educators and many educational institutions. The use of ChatGPT by students encourages academic dishonesty, reduces creativity, promotes laziness, and disrupts the learning experience. When a student is given an assignment, there is a set outline on how the assignment should be completed, but with the use of ChatGPT, students are taking the ideas from the AI and passing them on as their own, encouraging academic dishonesty. When all the work is done by an AI, it requires less effort for the student, allowing them to spend less time on their assignments, which encourages them to use the AI again on future assignments. Due to the massive popularity of AI among students, many educational institutions have outright banned the use of ChatGPT or any other form of AI on assignments.

With AI slowly becoming a normal thing for everyday life, businesses have started incorporating it into their work, allowing them to start optimizing their efficiency. With the massive success that businesses have achieved using AI, it has raised concerns for many workers in certain businesses as, due to how quick and cheap AI can be, there is no use for any human work to be done, causing traditional tasks done by human workers to be automated and require less resources for the business, leading to a shift in the employment landscape. Due to this, there have been many concerns about future jobs, and it could possibly ruin the lives of many workers or even students working towards those jobs.

Dall-E is very similar to ChatGPT, but instead of being used for assignments and getting work done quicker, it is used to create AI-generated images. Dall-E is a great source for people to use to create images, references, and anything else that they desire, but of course Dall-E can not just generate images in its own way; to create these images, it learns from the art given to it, creates art using what it is told, and uses the art it learned from to generate images similar to that. This has raised many concerns for artists, as the AI is learning from their art and not any of its own original art. Due to Dall-E’s learning from other people’s art, it has essentially removed the need for an artist, as Dall-E is much cheaper and faster than any artist, and it can create images very similar to anyone’s art.

With AI’s rapid learning and ease of use, people are experimenting every day with what can be done using AI, which is how deepfakes have surged in popularity. Deepfakes can be viewed in many different ways. They can be used as a tool to make jokes, but depending on how people are using them, they can be used to create whatever anyone desires, whether it be porn or spreading misinformation online. Deepfakes have become a very big problem for everyone, as anyone can use them and create anything they desire. The most harmless cases are people using deepfakes of the previous presidents of the United States to create videos online, while others, instead of creating funny videos of the presidents, are using the presidents to spread misinformation and try and make people start panicking as the videos are almost identical to how a specific person would talk and act. With this, many people will just look at deepfakes and not think much of them, while in the wrong hands, people have started using celebrities and creating pornography from them without any remorse or backlash that doing this could have on them.

Overall, with the surge of AI in the past couple of years, it will only get better faster and, in general, become a better human. In my opinion, there isn’t much that can be done to stop the use of AI in schools and work environments; even though it may be frowned upon by people, they will still use it. I do believe that AI will take over many jobs and ruin their lives, whether it be a computer science major or an artist online. I don’t think there is much that they will be able to do unless something changes. For me personally, I don’t really have a use for Dall-E, but with ChatGPT, my goal isn’t to use it in all my assignments for school, but instead I use it to get ideas, as I find it very difficult to come up with creative things on my own, so even though I used ChatGPT to come up with a couple of the ideas that I wrote, the majority of what I have written is based on recent events that have happened or my personal opinion of AI. I do believe that we are all doomed and that AI one day will take over all of our jobs, but I hope I won’t be around when that happens. I do have hope that we will figure out a way of incorporating AI into our jobs and school work instead of banning or taking over completely.


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