For today’s peer review, I will be looking at Thatshrimpdude. Right away, landing on the homepage of Nick’s website, you are introduced to all of his blog posts, process posts, and assignments. Looking at a couple of the blog posts, it appears that this website is about SEO, marketing, and really anything that Nick wants to write about, so I think it’s pretty cool to see more of a personal blog. I really like the design of the website, with the colours, layout, and, in general, how everything is organized and presented. Nick has a very cool logo for his website, which does look like him, and it has a nice shrimp hat on it, which is a really nice touch when looking back at the website’s actual name.

Looking into the posts, I decided to take a look at Week 12: Shopify SEO because I thought it would be an interesting read. In the post, Nick talks about his struggles with planning out a new campaign with delays in the website and all the issues with images, alt text, accessibility, bundles, and so on, but over the years, Nick has developed the skills to solve these problems and will always overcome any issues that come his way. When it comes to monetizing a site, I believe that Nick’s site has a lot of potential. I can see that he decided not to include ads in his posts, which is completely safe, but with the specific post that I read about, I think he could write about the problems he had or really popular problems that could occur, but have very little information about them, and he could share how to deal with these issues. Monetizing this type of work could be very challenging, but it is definitely possible. You could make a massive website or article about all the problems with SEO or anything really and sell it online, or what I would do is use this existing website to talk about the problems that people have, and instead of selling that information, you give it out for free and try to monetize your work with advertisements on the site.

When it comes to including ads, I thought that maybe in specific posts or on the general website, this is how ads could be incorporated.

Overall, I believe that Nick has a very good website; everything is there, and he has a lot of potential to monetize his work if he desires, but if everything works out with his Shopify, I don’t see an important reason why he should. Nick’s website has everything that any website should have, including alt text and accessibility options, and in general, I believe that it is just appealing to look at.

By Parsa

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