When I found out that our first assignment was to go out and talk to a stranger, I already knew I wasn’t going to enjoy it. I am a very quiet person, and I rarely talk to strangers. The majority of the time, I keep to myself. Over the years, I have gotten much better at communicating with others. I can have a conversation with complete strangers, but it is something I would prefer not to do. When going about talking to a stranger, I thought where better than at school, so during my math lecture, I decided to talk to the person sitting next to me, and I learned a lot of very interesting things about him. I ended up asking him for his Instagram, and now we have been talking a lot there and meet up occasionally to work on homework together. I found this to be very different from interacting with strangers online, as I practically do it every day. 

Whenever I go to play games, I usually have a group of friends I play with. I know them all pretty well, as we have been friends for many years, but in the majority of games, you are always playing with complete strangers, which is where I interact the most with people online. These people in the games can range from the nicest people you have ever met to complete racists and people who just want to ruin your day. In the past, I use to play with complete strangers I met in games all the time, but now I don’t talk much to others in games, and I just play with the same group of friends I have been playing with.

By Parsa

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