It turned out to be far simpler than I had anticipated to set up WordPress, install all required plugins, set up the pages and categories, and everything else. I had previously created a website for a class assignment, so I did have some experience setting it up. However, WordPress is very different from what I was used to, and I had to spend some time learning how to set up pages, how to have posts appear on specific pages, and even how to add a drop-down menu for the pages. Eventually, after watching a few YouTube videos, I was able to figure everything out.

Setting up everything on WordPress wasn’t very difficult. I chose a template for my website, so I went with a blog style website that was nothing too fancy. Installing the accessibility and Google Analytics plugins was very straightforward and simple to do. The actual setup of my website’s pages, menu, and categories was a little trickier for me to figure out because it was hard to find exactly what I was wanting to change and because WordPress allows for so much customization. I ended up watching a video on how to create drop down menu for the pages. Overall, the setup process and installation of everything for WordPress weren’t that difficult, and now that everything is setup, I plan on posting all my assignments quicker.

By Parsa

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