For my website, I believe I have achieved the majority of what I have planned. Every website needs a homepage, and for mine, I wanted it to just be a place to view all my posts. One thing that was a little difficult for me to figure out was the menu bar, as I wanted it split into different sections with the homepage, all the posiel work, blog posts, and the about me section. I planned for the posiel work to be in a drop down menu, as it would be easier to access if everything was split apart, and it would be a much cleaner design for the menu. I am not a big fan of the search bar on websites, and I believe that on a blog post like mine, it is a bit unnecessary, so I decided to remove it and just put everything important into categories, so if people want to find specific posts, they can filter them out with the categories. Everything else can be found in the menu, with access to every other page, including blog posts, process posts, mini assignments, peer reviews, and about me. Overall, I think that I am finished with the general setup of the website and can focus on the actual posts.

Basic layout for a website with access to blog posts, posiel, and about me section.

General Idea of what I had planned out.

By Parsa

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