When looking at a website, the most important aspect is undoubtedly the design. The design of a website is the first thing everyone visiting any website will see, and it builds character and gives the name a picture for people. With website designs, they can have a complex and very intriguing interface but also be very minimalistic and simple for the average viewer. When I went about creating my website, I knew I needed to use a design that I would enjoy looking at. Even though I would have loved to create a fancy looking website that is nice to look at and is aesthetically pleasing, I just could not be bothered, so I decided to take the opposite approach and make the design of my website very minimalistic but also modern. With the design of my website, I do believe it’s not the best, but for what I was aiming for, I believe that it is perfect. I really like the simple design and font. I believe that it is just what I needed; the colours stand out, and I believe that it is not an eyesore to look at. Overall, I believe I have a solid design, and there could be some improvement, but as I was aiming for a simplistic modernistic design, I believe it is perfect the way it is.

By Parsa

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