When learning more about the news, my go-to place is the first search result on Google. I never really fact check or try to search deeper into the information, but that is only when I want to know more about a topic. The majority of the news I get is from word of mouth because I never really read the news or watch any videos about it unless it becomes extremely popular, then I will stumble upon it myself. I assume that Twitter would be the best place to receive news as the posts are pretty short, but of course it would not be the best news source as, from what I know, the Twitter community is very questionable.

Personally, I don’t see a purpose in keeping up with the news, as it will most likely not effect me in any way, so why should I bother? If there is something that I want to know more about, I can just look it up on Google, and the majority of the time, the first result will be accurate and correct with the information. If I want to make sure the post is credible, I might look for a site that I know is a well-known credible source of information.

By Parsa

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