Warframe is a game where the player embodies a powerful warrior known as a Tenno, wielding advanced robots called Warframes. Developed by Digital Extremes, this free-to-play online action game offers some elements of shooters, RPGs, and stealth games. As you delve into the origins of the Tenno, you uncover the mysteries and hidden secrets that are being kept from the player.


Warframe’s gameplay is a dynamic fusion of high-octane combat with fluid movement, mechanics, and deep customization options, with a large fanbase dedicated solely to customizing your warframes. As a Tenno, you will master an array of warframes, each with its own unique abilities and playstyle, as you engage in adrenaline-filled field battles against hordes of enemies across the planets. Whether you prefer stealthy infiltration, chaotic gunfights, or strategic team-based operations, Warframe offers a wealth of gameplay options to suit your preferences.


Warframe stands as an example of evolution in online gaming, combining thrilling action, immersive storytelling, and cooperative gameplay into a seamless, unforgettable experience. Overall, it is free-to-play, so it wouldn’t hurt to try, but I can say that the game can get a bit confusing or grindy at times, but other than that, it is a pretty solid game with a very intriguing story.

Score: 8/10

By Parsa

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