Garry’s Mod is a massive sandbox game with endless opportunities and decisions that can be made by the player. Developed by Garry Newman, it is almost identical to the half life series in terms of mechanics. Gmod has a huge scripting and modding scene with unlimited options for people to choose from, whether it be creating their own creations or taking something off the workshop.

Game Modes:

Gmod has a very diverse range of game modes and allows players to do whatever they would like, whether it be creating their own creations or playing a game of murder mystery with friends. With the game being released in 2006, modders for the game have gotten much better; basically, everything is available for free. 


Overall, Gmod is a game that is limited to the player’s imagination, whether you want to create something or try to enjoy something. With its intuitive tools, diverse gameplay, and questionable community, it offers an endless array of possibilities for players to explore and enjoy. In my opinion, the game can get a bit repetitive, and with the most popular game modes being all roleplay servers, it can get a bit stale very quickly, and there are just too many rules in those modes. I think this game is worth picking up on sale as it can be as low as $1 on sale, but other than that, it’s overall a decent game from 2006.

Score: 6/10

By Parsa

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