In The Forest, you are a passenger on a plane with your son Timothy. When all of a sudden your plan crashes and lands in a forest, you are greeted by someone kidnapping your son and are left stranded in half the plane with no other survivors or any equipment other than an axe. Your main objective is to find and save Timothy and leave the forest that you have landed in.


The player is greeted with the role of a lone survivor of a plane crash stranded in a dense forest. From the moment you step foot out of the plane, the gameplay is very eerie and has a little bit of horror elements in it, from delving into the caves to randomly being jumped by a cannibal. As you explore deeper in the forest, you are greeted by other passengers on the same plane as you, but of course the cannibals got to them first. The forest offers a robust crafting system, allowing the player to create better and stronger tools or weapons as they progress.


The Forest is a unique take on solo horror survival, allowing a lot of freedom for the player, from deciding where their base is to how they progress through the story. I do recommend the forest to anyone who is interested. I do believe it is worth purchasing during a sale, as it can be very fun with friends, but do keep in mind that it is definitely a one time experience, so the reliability is pretty low, at least for me.

Score: 7/10

By Parsa

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