The Outlast Trials, developed by Red Barrels, is a unique take on the popular horror game Outlast, with its new mechanics and multiplayer aspect. Set in the midst of the Cold War era, this chilling experience invites the player to navigate the treacherous corridors of a covert research facility, where unimaginable horrors await.


The Outlast Trials challenges players to survive the horrors of a twisted psychological experiment, where survival hinges on wit, stealth, and sheer nerve. Stripped of conventional weapons, players must rely on their wits and use the resources around them to evade detection and uncover the truth behind the research facility. The addition of multiplayer adds a whole new experience to the game, allowing you and your friends to try and work together to escape through the trials together.


The Outlast Trials is a harrowing descent into psychological horror, offering a chilling experience. With its intense gameplay, atmospheric visuals, and immersive storytelling, it stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of the horror game genre. Overall, The Outlast Trials is a very intriguing game with great storytelling and immersion. I highly recommend this game to anyone interested, whether it is on sale or not, but I do believe once you play through the whole thing, it does get a bit relative, so if you plan on playing with friends, play all the levels the first time together.

Score: 9/10

By Parsa

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