Very few games in the world of indie games have captivated gamers hearts and minds as much as Undertale. This indie game, created by Toby Fox, transports the player to a magical underground world. Undertale has a devoted fan following and has won multiple awards since its release thanks to its unique gaming mechanics, absolute banger of a soundtrack, and captivating storytelling.


The story of Undertale is fundamentally one of friendship, tenacity, and the results of one’s choices. In this game, players take on the role of a young kid who accidentally falls into the underground world of monsters. The player must make their way through a variety of encounters with unique characters, each of whom has their own goals and personality. The ending of the game is greatly influenced by the decisions the player makes, and there are several possible outcomes. The storytelling of Undertale is a masterclass in emotional resonance, skillfully fusing tragedy, humor, and hope.


The gameplay in Undertale is both inventive and captivating. The turn-based combat system gives players the option to either battle foes or use non-violent tactics to show them mercy. This moral conundrum gives the gameplay more dimension by making players think about the repercussions of their choices and develop empathy for the wide range of characters they meet.


The soundtrack to Undertale is an absolute masterpiece. From chiptune to folk music, Toby Fox’s compositions perfectly match the game’s emotional beats. Every song deepens the sense of the subterranean realm and draws listeners in with its colorful and complex sound design.


Undertale is a game that heavily revolves around the player’s decisions, ranging from the mass genocide of every character to saving them all. With its unique turn based mechanics and its simple yet difficult puzzles, Undertale is a game that I highly recommend. It can be challenging at times, but that is the charm of it. The soundtrack in certain areas or fights is an absolute banger, and in general, I believe that it is one of the most influential games of all time.

Score: 9/10

By Parsa

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