Elon here. Took a break from revolutionizing space travel and electric vehicles to dive into the digital depths of Bioshock. Let me share my perspective on this subaquatic escapade that fuses dystopia with technological marvels.


Bioshock’s gameplay is a pulsating blend of chaos and order. Using plasmids to unleash genetic prowess feels like engineering on a microscopic scale. Maneuvering through the enemies like splicers and squaring off against Big Daddies which offers a taste of the unexpected, much like the challenges faced in the real world.


In Rapture, a city born from dreams and now languishing in the ocean’s embrace, I found a narrative that echoes the unpredictable trajectory of my own ventures. Andrew Ryan’s vision and the haunting presence of Little Sisters evoke the dichotomy of visionary leadership and the uncharted waters of innovation.


Rapture’s stunning visual display is proof of its intricate design. You are taken to a world where artistry and engineering coexist thanks to the radiant glow of the underwater metropolis and the art deco aesthetics.


A technological odyssey exploring the intersection of humanity, innovation, and unintended consequences, Bioshock is not your typical game. It piques curiosity and invites reflection, much like the problems we take on to advance humankind. Without a doubt, one of my favorite games is Bioshock, which I highly recommend to anyone who is interested.

Score: 9.8/10

By Parsa

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